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TERA community in a nutshell:

- whining when there’s no double or triple drop
- whining when there is a douple or triple drop because of the lag
- saying they don’t even want the event
> repeat

- whining that the BAM event was slow and the boxes dropped rarely
- whining that EM set it…

DPS in dungeons looking for heals


I am right here….you know…helping the tank….guys pls


please stop screaming for heals

please stop screaming to be ressed


when you roll a 99 and someone rolls 100.


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I’ve reached 100 followers now so I think I should do a little giveaway for old and new people interested in my art QvQ!!

. must be following me please~ (I will check)
. only like and reblog once!
. no giveaway blogs please
. there will be 3 winners but if more people participate than I imagined then there will be more prizes!

1st - full body CGI
2nd - half body CGI
3rd - head shot CGI
*4th and 5th - head shot sketches

Winners will be chosen through a random number generator.

October 10th at 11:59 PM PST

I will message the winners the next day and you will have 24 hours to respond or your spot will be given to the next person.

This is my first giveaway so I hope it goes well;;;; Good luck everyone!

Thank you ❤

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I hate cosplay elitists. A distant acquaintance I befriended on facebook is a damn cosplay elitist. He questioned why I would be cosplaying akali to an anime convention. I get that Akali is a game character but fuck it, I want to cosplay her. Stfu. Then he proceeded to send me…

this is only a small portion of cosplayers though. i cosplay casually, and ive met 1-2 rude cosplay elitists within my 4 years of cosplay. it’s not that bad, and given how many nice people you meet and the friends you make? the number of good people FAR outweighs the number of bad people :) and chances are, if someone is mean in cosplay, then theyre mean 24/7 already anyways. they’re just carrying their rudeness over to a fandom which sucks :(

true true D: But well, here in sweden, almot all who cosplay are so mean. And even my friends rhats been on cons have meet alot of rude mean cosplayers. And only a few ascualy are nice and friendly D:

wait seriously??? oh man, that’s awful :( im sorry to hear that…maybe i lucked out in that the con closest to me is just full of really nice people. you might meet some nice people at your con, though - maybe even by checking the forums and talking to people to see if they’re all elitist or not. that, or just stick with friends is everyone is mean, thats what i would do :

or its just me xD but alot here are like “your too fat, you dont have right skin color, you dont have a cute face” and so on, thou, males are ok! xD but ofc there are dosches there aswell!

thats just awful :T yeah, ive met two assholes at cons once, one was “your wigs not the right shade for the character” (even though its WHITE) and “ooh, theres someone cosplaying the same character as you, but hers is better” like, um rude??? but those people looked like they had issues or something so im like “KAY FUCK YOU TOO”.

but theres nothing i hate more than when people judge cosplays based on weight or skin colour. thats just flat out RUDE and offensive >:( mean people, smh.

but yeah, hey, you might find some nicer people sometime in the future! theres always hope :D dont let a few bad noodles spoil the entire bunch :3 hehe

Oh man you guys have it rough. I only have a few acquaintances who are cosplay assholes who point out things in other people’s cosplay. One friend isn’t even cosplaying. They kept pointing out around in cons whispering to me “that guy has a bad wig” or “she’s too short to cosplay her!” I’ve never met rude strangers yet. Only friends…. :/